Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 For 10

What's up guys? I said I would be back with some plans for 2010 and I've completed my list. Instead of making resolutions for this year I simply made a list, "10 Goals For 2010." I guess time will only tell how willing I am to improve my skills/appearance/personality. It's simple. I'm growing up and I have a lot to learn and a lot of habbits that need to be made and broken. Heeeere we go:

1. Join the Y, get in shape, and run!

2. Grow my hair into something like thiiiis:

3. Pray. I don't do enough of that.

4. Try to get 8 hours of SLEEP!

5. Get "perfect" skin. Whatever that means.

6. Save for & purchase a Macbook. Ahhh. <3

7. Organize my time & put some effort into it, for crying out loud.

8. Be content with loneliness. Love is too messy.

9. Learn to cook.

10. Expand my wardrobe! For Less! :)

All picture credits go to their various creators. Thanks for letting me borrow these inspiring images! Except for the last one, of course. That one's mine.

What kind of resolutions/goals have you  made for 2010? Comment. :)

-Looove Hunter

Friday, January 1, 2010


Only been home a couple hours from Winterfest at Liberty University. Let me just take a moment to say it was THE best New years experience I've ever had! Denisha (ma Cali girl) and I rocked out. The concert last night was 7 HOURS!! Basically, there was Decipher Down, Fireflight, Barlow Girl, Mercy Me, Thousand Foot Krutch!, Switchfoot!, and Skillet! :) The concert was broadcast live around the world at 11:30 last night and the whole place was rock 'n' rollin'. We came away with some great memories and a taste of hardcore glory. Oh! And D and I highfived Jon Foreman! (For those of you who don't know, he is the singer of Switchfoot). Happy New Year! 2010 is bound to be the best year ever. I'll be back soon with some 2010 plans.



(Skillet. Ignore the ridiculous blue light sabor...)

(Nishaa, Hantaa)