Friday, January 1, 2010


Only been home a couple hours from Winterfest at Liberty University. Let me just take a moment to say it was THE best New years experience I've ever had! Denisha (ma Cali girl) and I rocked out. The concert last night was 7 HOURS!! Basically, there was Decipher Down, Fireflight, Barlow Girl, Mercy Me, Thousand Foot Krutch!, Switchfoot!, and Skillet! :) The concert was broadcast live around the world at 11:30 last night and the whole place was rock 'n' rollin'. We came away with some great memories and a taste of hardcore glory. Oh! And D and I highfived Jon Foreman! (For those of you who don't know, he is the singer of Switchfoot). Happy New Year! 2010 is bound to be the best year ever. I'll be back soon with some 2010 plans.



(Skillet. Ignore the ridiculous blue light sabor...)

(Nishaa, Hantaa)


  1. That is wicked, im so jealous of you, but hey im glad you had a good time, :)

    and btw thanks, im letting it grow out :)
    but yeah and sorry i havent posted in forever

  2. That was an EPIC concert. cant wait till next year.