Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Les Fleurs

Spring is here! And here's what's going on outside my house. Aren't they beautiful?

I'm so excited for the quadruple awsome summer this is going to be. I graduate on May 29th. Woot woot! And I'll be free! At least until mid August, then it's off to college. My plans for the summer include a trip to the beach with my lovely California girl (who has never been to the east coast), Denisha. And another trip with her to the city to possibly spend a week, just because we love being there. I'm also going to my last highschool camp: Camp Caswell. And there's a trip to Atlanta and possibly Kentucky squeezed into the mix.

What are your spring and summer plans?

(My baby girl, Tempest. Named so because she looks like a rain storm and is VERY tempermental. She lived up to the name well, because, trust me, I didn't see it coming. Haha.)

Have a smashing week, ladies!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Speaking Of Inspiring. . .

I can' remember where exactly I found this picture. I know it was on one of the blogs I follow. I think it was on The Rockstar Diaries? (Perhaps?) No matter. I wanted to share it with you. :)


It Isn't Always Obvious

Wait. Has a week gone by? Where have I been? I haven't been busy so what's happened to me? My apologies, I got lazy. I know this happens to some of you out there every once in a while where nothing inpires you to get writing or take pictures. My excuse tends to be "Ahhh, I don't feel like downloading these picturrrres." or something along those lines.

Well, I didn't get motivated. I dug up some past pictures from last summer because I am excited for it to get here! I love the transition that is spring, but I hate the season in itself because I have the most detestable (spelling) allergies. Blech. Anyways, enjoy the little pieces of my heart.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

When It Rains In Wonderland

It was supposed to be warm today... and sunny. So I wore my new Anthropologie dress. :) Remember from February? Last time I wore it, I did so with black tights and all I had was a black cardigan. Bummer. I felt like I was going to a funeral. But today! Ah, today I had a new gray one to lighten it up! I traded the tights for bare legs (even though it was chilly and raining).

I tried on several necklaces with it, but I think it looks its best without any excessive jewelry. It takes away from the delicate embroidery along the bust. So, I feel like I've found the ideal combination for this perfect dress. Do you like?

Dress - Anthropologie
Cardigan - AE
Flats - Bakers
Ring - David Yurman
Earrings - Charlotte Russe

Thursday, March 18, 2010

From One Day To The Next

And just like that. . . .

. . . .style can chill out.

Shirt - H&M
Sweater - Gap
Jeans - Candies
Belt - ???
Ring - Claire's
Wicked Earphones - Dr. Dre

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Job Can Be A Fender Bender

I was just thinking today, it's a shame for me, being the line of work that I am, I have to dress rather conservatively. Some people work at sayyy H&M for instance, *cough cough dream job* and they can wear things that are like wow! Because they are advertising style. Sometimes my style is that of a librarian, but not as often as other appearances. I seriously love rockin' out. You can't typically have a government job and "rock out." But no worries. I will debut on the scene one of these days. 'Til then...

Feel the love. ♥

I just realized that there are a whole shelf of books in the background and i was talking about the library. So, there you have it! All the things I love in one shot!

Shirt - Modiva
Jeans - Angels
Shoes - Converse Hightops
Lady GaGa Ring - Charlotte Russe
Necklace (hardly visible) - St. John
My Guitar - Fender Strat

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Knew I Loved You, City

On Saturday night my best friend Denisha and I went to the city for a theatre show! It was to see Sinbad the comedian. I have to be honest and say I had never really heard of him before I saw this show. And I was tied up in laughter. :) I am pleased to say we had front row seats thanks to her dad and we were part of the show. Haha, he made jokes out of everything we asked him. It was great fun!

While in the city, though, I was reminded of how MUCH I love it. Ah, it was like New York all over again. Except a hundred times smaller. We had dinner at "Fox & Hound" before the show and you can ignore my odd expression here:

The theatre:
And the city!

Shirt - Persama New York
Jeans - AE
Shoes - Steve Madden
Purse - ???
Scarf - Vintage from India
Cuff - Arizona thrift
Ring - Heirloom

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Worthington Works

I haven't done an outfit post in a while, but the other day I was inspired by Lauren over at Blooming Leopold Vintage with a post she did on making shorts from pleated pants. I decided to unertake this task myself, but I modified the criteria and style a little bit. I didn't really bother trying to find a certain kind of pants, but just went thrifting for anything. And these are what I found:
Basically I just cut them off and cuffed them. I ended up having a cuff about 2 inches wide, I think. I stichted them on both sides and ta da! I'm rather proud of them. It was my first attempt at making anything like that from pants and I was nervous I was going to mess them up. But I did allll right.

And the finished product:

Blouse - Maurice's
Tank - Hollister
Cardigan - Saddlebred Men's Wear
Shorts - Worthington Works pants (modified by me)
Tights - Claire's
Shoes - Madeline
Necklace - Maurice's

PS. Do you like my front door? It's gorgeous on a rainy day like this. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Joli Bureau

It has been such a long week and I am absolutely ready for the weekend. I have plans to pelt some teenagers with some tennis balls and go see Alice In Wonderland. I'm super excited. I worked every night this week, so I haven't had the time or effort to get out of jeans and long sleeve T's. Hence, no outfit posts.

But I was thinking because of all this WORK, I would show you where I work. Ce joli bureau^^. Ignoring the fact that I fixed it up nicely without its usually clutter and papers stacked everywhere. (I embrace the mess, telling myself it's the artist coming out of me.) And perhaps you will enjoy catching a glimpse of some of the things I read every now and then.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Top Shoe Shop

I got my Etsy subscription today and found THE cutest shoes, fit for a queen, that I have ever wanted. I was going to find the shop they were on and take a closer look, but Etsy is refusing to work on my computer today! Agh. So, being in the mood to shoe shop, I went elsewhere. And foud these beauties:

It's Topshop! I didn't even get around to looking at the boots section. I posted my 6 favorites. I haven't bought shoes since Christmas, now that I think about it, but it's because I've got my eye on some black leather boots with buckles at Nordstrom. By Report, to be specific. As soon as I can buy some Ray Bans and save for a few summer destinations, maybe I'll get back to shoes.

In other news, it's snowing like crazy here today. It's slowed down a bit now, but earlier there were PANcakes, huge flakes. Happy March! (Even if it is the coldest month for my state). Be a dear and let me know what your favorite Topshop shoes are.