Sunday, May 23, 2010


Here they are! Photo ops from prom '10. It was awesome, red carpet and all. I didn't know schools did red carpets for petty highschoolers. Haha, is that normal? Felt so glamorous (flossy, flossy). I didn't have a "date", but Denisha qualified, I suppose you could say. Coincidently, she wore a a red dress with BLACK nails and I wore a black dress with RED nails. Sooo cute! The three of us went together, me, Kayla, Josh and Denisha.

Best moment of the night: when I killed Lady GaGa on karaoke. I sang 'Bad Romance' and even though I messed up the bridge (ehhh...) it was awesome. I sat back down after being graciously applauded and Josh said, "Man, you had black people cheering you on! That's a tough crowd!" Haha. I guess that's true seeing how they have so much more soul built into them than us white crackas. 
On Me:

Dress - Zac Posen
Heels - Fioni
Earrings - Claire's
Necklace - Hand-me-down
Clip - Borrowed from Leslie

And a birthday shout out to my GURL, Landen! I love you! Happy 17th birthday! <333


  1. You guys look so beautiful!

    You wore a different dress! I like this one a lot too. Like a metal jellyfish <3

    er... that's a good thing haha

  2. How marvelous all of you do look!

    LOVE your dres. Very punk chic. <3