Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Stephanie and I were talking about anime mannerisms today, or just Japanese habits in general. (i.e. touching one's nose when referring to oneself, waving with open fingers, postures, etc.) So, here we have me as an anime, Danny as an anime, and the two of us when we're together. Am I laughing at him or with him? Hmm... 

So, I guess my diversity is represented here. I'm into a little bit of everything. But, fact about me you should know #234829051: I love Japanese. The culture, the art, the food, the fashion, the LANGUAGE. Ah, I've started learning it, but (shaking head) no picnic. No picnic. Even with Rosetta, I suffer. Kudos to you Japanese people for easily whipping 2,000 kanji out of nowhere. I think I'll be dead before I can reach the halfway point. 

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