Thursday, June 10, 2010


Just got back from Kentucky on Tuesday night. It wasn't a vacation of serious proportions, just a 2-day business trip, but it was relaxing and that was entirely what I needed. And the weather was spectacular, not hot and humid like NC. Please, why can't it be so perfect here? You could last outside all day in Kentucky if you just stand in the shade. 

Above is the original KFC. And below, me with Mr. Sanders and just a bunch of road trip pictures. Never a dull moment with my sister, Ashton. And you can see, I have a fetish with beverage photography. Haha. And these are obviously not pictures OF Kentucky, just cool photo ops along the way. Hope you are all having a good summer thus far!
(So addicted to this stuff)


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  1. You look awesome! I love your hair!

    That camera is so rad!