Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bright Lights, New York City

I have fallen in love. . . with New York City! Slightly missing that a-MAZING place. It was nice to be back home after being stuffed in a teeny tiny room with 10 other girls, but it wasn't so bad. We were on the streets exploring the best of the city that never sleeps. We didn't do much sleeping either. I stuck with my BFF, Travis, a lot of the time, so you'll see him sneaking his way into a bit of the photography. Haha.
Unfortunately, this is the only good shot I got of the city in the daylight. Random, but we were moving awfully fast. There's only so much 19 slow-moving southerners can cover in a day and a 1/2. Haha.
Then, there was the city at night. It is so beautiful, despite the trash. I just saw this store, "Vampire Freaks" and thought: "Cool." 'Nough said. The pictures following are snap shots of the city from the Brooklyn Bridge. That was one of my favorite places, though, I nearly got decapitated by a rude biker. Note to self: stay out of biking lane.
From left to right starting at back: Christina, Argia, Kelly, Jeff, Travis, Kelsey, Daniel, Kimberly, Kourtney, Ashton, David, Kayla, Janet, Me!, Sarah.
From left to right on the ground: Don't know, don't know, Seth, John, Ashley, Hunter
Earlier for dinner, we had Russian food at Odessa's. SOOO yummy! But later that night we went to China Town. Unfortunately, it was like midnight and most of China Town was chut down, but our native guide, Chelsea, took us to a peachy little establishment called "Teariffic." It was good times. I had Bubble Peach Green Tea. Blah, blah, blah, they had the best strawberry smoothie I ever tasted!
Well, that's as much as i can fit in this post. The other half of the trip will have to continue like tomorrow or something. Whenever I find time to write another really loooong one. So, until then!
PS. This heart beats for only you.

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  1. wow! it sounds like you had a great time! thats cool! I stayed with my bro for 3 weeks and cruised around there a little. Twas really fun! lol I think the vampire freaks thing is a social network that apparently has their own clothes line. lol