Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday Bash

Hello to all! I haven't posted in several days, because I have been busy with life and friends and the time just gets away from me. Plus my computer is running out of space for so many picture. Eek! I've got to do something about that.

In other news, yesterday (April 9th) was my 18th birthday! Yayyy! It was by far one of the best birthday's I've ever had. I didn't plan anything crazy, just had all the people I love around. It was a perfect day. My allergies didn't even bother me thanks to the rain from Thursday. :) And I have the best friends, I can't even tell you. I wish I had gotten more pictures. Anyways, I let them speak for themselves:
(Not ring around the rosie back there, but "Poison", or as we like to simply call it, "The Chair Game")
(Raymond. Haha, I told him to strike a pose, and that's exactly what he did.)
(Kelly & Landen. The girls who are forever closing their eyes in pictures. Haha.)
(Another favorite that we like to call "The Winking Game")
(And I love in this picture how Josh, in the white shirt, looks like Stephanie's guardian angel! Haha, she's so unaware)
(After it got cool and we went in the garage. Denisha, Lauren, & Kayla.)
(Rephael, Morgan, & Landen.)

And then, some candid photography with as many people as I could get around to. Some of them got a little blurry. I took the flash off so our party-logged faces wouldn't scare everybody. Haha.
(Will & Josh. ♥)
(Reph & Morgan. ♥)
(Kelly & Stephanie. Look how cute they are! ♥)
(Todd & Raymond. ♥)
(Adam. ♥)

And, of course, a little amateur cha cha for your entertainment.

Thanks everyone for an awsome birthday!
Will be posting all of the pretty things I received in a couple of days!


  1. this is cute! you are one lovely stylish bunch! <3

  2. I look like a dork! But I had a blast, thanks for inviting me! <3

  3. Haha I like the height difference between Lauren, standing, and Adam, sitting, on the first picture of the winking game. So cute. Thanks for inviting me, I hope you still enjoy your present, and that I'll see you again soon <3