Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Job Can Be A Fender Bender

I was just thinking today, it's a shame for me, being the line of work that I am, I have to dress rather conservatively. Some people work at sayyy H&M for instance, *cough cough dream job* and they can wear things that are like wow! Because they are advertising style. Sometimes my style is that of a librarian, but not as often as other appearances. I seriously love rockin' out. You can't typically have a government job and "rock out." But no worries. I will debut on the scene one of these days. 'Til then...

Feel the love. ♥

I just realized that there are a whole shelf of books in the background and i was talking about the library. So, there you have it! All the things I love in one shot!

Shirt - Modiva
Jeans - Angels
Shoes - Converse Hightops
Lady GaGa Ring - Charlotte Russe
Necklace (hardly visible) - St. John
My Guitar - Fender Strat


  1. you are just too precious. these are so fun, and i'm loving the plaid with the chucks!

  2. Love those shirts, great colors.

  3. Lady, I know about 8,34,032 government jobs where you can rock out!