Sunday, March 28, 2010

It Isn't Always Obvious

Wait. Has a week gone by? Where have I been? I haven't been busy so what's happened to me? My apologies, I got lazy. I know this happens to some of you out there every once in a while where nothing inpires you to get writing or take pictures. My excuse tends to be "Ahhh, I don't feel like downloading these picturrrres." or something along those lines.

Well, I didn't get motivated. I dug up some past pictures from last summer because I am excited for it to get here! I love the transition that is spring, but I hate the season in itself because I have the most detestable (spelling) allergies. Blech. Anyways, enjoy the little pieces of my heart.


  1. i love the ones of you in the field! gorgi girl. i love the dress is the previous post too.

  2. pretty pictures! i cant wait until the grass looks that good-- everything is still brownish and dead from winter where i live haha

  3. your blog is so inspiring! I love you! : D