Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alix & Betty

Taking a break from the average, I decided to make a little "ode to" post about my two top inspirations in the fashion world: Alix & Betty. Do you know these two? To be honest, their blogs were the deciding factor in me starting my own, in hopes that someday a smidgen of their fashion sense might rub off on me and I could grow into the fashion icons they have become for sooo many girls.

A little back-to-back of them: they are both tough and feminine at the same time, but I would venture to say Betty's style is a bit more edgy than Alix's. Alix has a certain and beautiful delicacy about her, though. They are both beautiful! And Betty has a new blog coming soon, so we will be saying bye bye to the old Betty and hello to a new one! It would be a dream come true to meet them.



Thank you ladies for being my inspiration!


  1. yeah, i get kinda embarassed looking at old pictures of myself...my style wasnt too good back then lol.

  2. agreed! they're both so totally amazing... if only they knew how much inspiration they are to soo many of us girls.

    in response to your comment, i get most of my thrift stuff from Saver's, Salvation Army, random thrift stores, and my favorite, GOODWILL! :) you just gotta know what your looking for and how to spot good quality stuff. all it takes is a few times of going and before you know it your a champion thrifter. it's all about finding inspiration and trying to recreate it on the cheap. and btw, i always love your comments. :)