Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Or Less

Ha-zah! I just got back from a long long day of shopping at the mall. I only bought one thing, but I am sooo happy. Recently I've decided I would rather spend more on less than buy a pile of bargins. And I'm proud to say I already own a few key AND strikingly expensive pieces. Honestly, the quality is better and expensive things are more form fitting. Others may not agree, but let's agree to disagree. I've always had expensive taste anyway.

These are just a few of the places I gawked over today. When I say more expensive, I can hardly say I'm in reach of the Louis Vuitton lugage or even an Hermes scarf. Maybe one day.
So, to satisfy my crave for something decently expensive, I ended up buying this amazing and beautifully detailed dress at a growing favorite: Anthropologie. *Gasp* I apologize that I can't give you a more satisfying photo of the fabric and lace. And I'll have to wear it another time.
And myself? I sort of went with the American Classic look today. It's comfortable to some degree. But, gosh, this fancy mall made me feel pretty plain. Didn't have time to snap a picture before I departed this time, so I took one in the skinny mirror at Bakers. They have one that makes you look big, too!
Next time I spend $100 at the mall, it's going to be on a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses.  :)

Polo - AE
Blazer - So (ehh...)
Jeans - AE
Boots - Maurice's
Purse - ???
Earrings - Body Central (even though you can't see them, they are "pearls")
Ring - David Yurman (can't see it either lol)


  1. Thats Southpark mall isn't it? I love Southpark. It is home to the nearest Apple Store.

  2. yeah i've always heard people say i've been doing that ever since because i do think it makes the hair noticably shinier.

    lucky! i've heard those chi straighteners are realllyyyy nice.

    cute outfit! this reminds me that i have go shopping soon....haha i still have a gift card from Christmas :)

  3. Skinny and TALL!
    That top was beautiful! I can't wait to see how you wear it :D I think you look glamorous in American classic. Hip and functional is my favorite fashion phrase.
    ps. Taylor just bought me a Fjällräven backpack for my birthday, [which I'm super excited about <3] so when it comes in, Ima do a "Cold War Chic." A blog entry inspired by you :)