Friday, February 26, 2010

Model Me

Just a quick post of the things I wore for the class yesterday. I did get around to it. I went for polar opposites here, but I love dressing both ways. :) And I think the dress is a bit of a spring tease, because I would probably freeze before I could take 10 steps outside in it.

And there's always that issue! I look at many blogs where the girls are so brave to go out in the cold and take pictures, but I am so chicken. I can't take the least bit of cold. I am especially astounded at Aya from Strawberry Koi. When she wore that lovely purple number out in the snow I was like "Oh, gosh!" Haha.

And a final note: I finally joined Bloglovin, so follow me there if it better suits you! Have a good weekend!
 1st Look:

Dress - H&M
Shoes - AE
Necklace - Body Central

2nd Look:

Shirt - Hollister
Tank - Hollister
Mini skirt - Derek Heart
Leggings - Ninety
Leg warmers - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Bakers
Necklace - AE


  1. I love the top dress! It looks very pretty on you. I really can't take the cold either, and I've yet to venture into outdoor pictures, but maybe some day...
    Lovely blog, btw! I'll be fallowing :)

  2. both looks are great, but the first one is so much more up my alley! you look beautiful. i really love the lighting with the little bits of shadows cast around. i know what you mean about Aya too. remember when she shot that gorgeous white dress in the falling snow!! i couldn't believe it.

  3. my fave is the first one, that dress is super lovely, you looks very beautiful! :D the song in your blog is so beautiful, love it :D

  4. Adorable dress!!!! I also love the second look :)

  5. I love the first look!THE SHOES!:)

  6. I like lightning with shadows in the bedroom. Not a fan of legwarmers, but both outfits are very cute. And I love your hairdo.