Thursday, February 25, 2010

From Day To Night

If you guys haven't noticed, I really have a thing for stripes and plaid.

Sporting my favorite sweater, I went to be a model for a fashion sketching and design class today. I didn't take pictures, though! Agh. They had me bring a few different oufits to shake things up a bit. It was flattering to be asked to model. :) And I got paid for it! It was exciting and they asked me to come back. If time permits it tomorrow, maybe I will post some pictures of the things I wore for them--an H&M dress, a stretchy mini with striped & buttoned leg warmers, the works. Haha.

For now, this is just some night time pictures of the casual ensemble I wore for the class today:

Sweater - Calvin Klein
Jeans - H2J
Boots - Bakers
Necklace - AE

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