Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gimme Gamine

Today, I was about to fly out the door to work when I decided I had to take a snapshot of what I was wearing. I didn't have time to strike a pose, so I had to do the narsicist mirror photo really fast. They actually turned out rather nicely, don't you think?

Gamine! I am still unsure of how you pronounce that, but I know what the basics behind this look are. And I didn't know what in the world the inventor was trying to convey, so I looked it up in the dictionary and, correct me if I'm wrong, the definition was "a neglected girl who is left to run about the streets." Now, I don't know if that is supposed to apply to this style (which it seems to fit, I think) or if there's another definition for it, but I kind of like to think I'm dressed like a street-runner. Pilaging from the rooftops! Haha!

It was so hard for me to find pieces in my wardrobe to make this ideal, but I will tell you which pieces are definitely correct: the dark wash jeans (they could stand to be a little rougher, though), the striped cardigan, the ankle strap flats, and the "dainty charm necklace." Yes! I'm on a roll.

Black cardigan - Saddlebred men's wear
Striped cardigan - H&M
Tank - Hollister
Jeans - H2J
Ankle strap flats - Bakers
Necklace - Dear
Bracelet - Claire's
Earrings - Body Central


  1. I think it works well, it matches the definition in a good way though, very pretty :)

  2. And OF COURSE you looked super cute at work :D
    I think all these pieces go really well together, but I guess if I were to pick, I would choose a rust-colored tank or a goldenrod yellow tank instead. Earth tones are my thing.