Sunday, February 7, 2010

California Casual

Hey guys! Was that a Super Bowl or what? Ok, I fudged on that a little bit. I didn't really watch the Super Bowl. I was too busy taking pictures with Kelly and Matt. Ah! I'm so glad you're back Matt! But, I DO know that the Saints won. Whew.

I've been really umph-ing (new word?) my style lately. This morning I was head to toe Euro Chic, but I didn't get around to taking pitures of that. Eh. I was decked out with a "diamond encrusted" watch and a blazer--the whole shebang. But gosh, stuff like that is NOT comfortable for attending a football phenomenon. So, I went California Casual today. Boots, simple, sparse jewelry, and laid-back plaid. And Kelly matched me! Woo, plaid all around! I would call her style a little more Classic, though. Yet edgy. Hm. I'd have to think about it.

On Me:
Plaid shirt - Hollister
White Tee - H&M
Jeans - H2J
Belt - ???
Boots - Bakers
Wish bracelet - Gift from Denisha
Silver cuff - Arizona thrifted
14k White gold ring - FOUND at grandparents'
Earrings - Body Central


  1. As well as im glad to be back Hunter!

  2. hi Hunter! thanks for checking out my blog :)
    I like your ideas too, I'm following!

  3. You guys are so cute <3 But you make it look like it ISN'T absolutely freezing outside, when it IS! California casual... for 80 DEGREE WEATHER! hahaha
    I don't miss those 50 degree winters though. I'd rather have it snow ALLL DAY. OH! speaking of,
    check THESE out: