Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dans Mon Sac

Lots of bloggers I have read have emptied their purses to show others what's inside. Because everyone knows a woman's purse is a mystery--you never konw what you might find! Well, here are the typical contents of mine.

A notebook for whatever reason.
I usually carry a book. This one is Madame Bovary by Flaubert in its original french text.
My glasses in a Vera Bradley case.
Dr. Dre Beats earphones. Guys, these things are the bomb.
LOLA lipstick (Lust Often, Love Always) in "Smitten." I love the built-in mirror!
My completely favorite leather wallet in the world by Lodis.
My keys with the typical cards to anywhere and everywhere.
Ice Breakers.
My favorite "Pickles the Frog" pen by Sanrio.
My sleek phone. Feel the love.
And my iPod. I use it more than anything.
Purse - H&M


  1. I wish my purse was like this! If I emptied mine you'd probably shutter, hehe.

  2. Ah the great mystery finally solved, lol thats not that much actually

  3. You have fun blog posts <3
    My purse always has something that I think I need, but never do. haha

  4. pretty things! what a neat purse you must have. your leather wallet is sooo cool.

  5. The Foreign AffairMarch 6, 2010 at 6:43 PM

    Ice Breakers! Shame we don't have those around here.
    Do you really read Flaubert? I was forced to read this book at school, but since i couldn't stand it I just read the beginning and the end of each chapter so I could barely have an idea of what it talked about, which I don't recall at all today.