Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rendez-Vous Ridge

It feels like Saturdays are rare for me. After all, I have to work every other Saturday AND Sunday. It can be a bummer sometimes. Today, I was off and guess what! I got a tripod, so no more mirror-ops. Yes! I was getting rather tired of that. And that's one of my kitty cats, Layla Belle. Isn't she darling?

Aujourd-hui, I went to Bobby and Judy Allison's 50th wedding anniversary. It took place at Benny Parson's house/winery and guys, they were both former Nascar drivers, so we're talkin' swanky. I know people were probably lookin' at me like "Whhhat is she doing?" but i was taking all kinds of pictures, only because so many pretty things were there to be gandered at. Haha, gander.

Sweater - Old Navy
Tank Top - Old Navy
Scarf - Old Navy
Jeans - Levi
Ring - Charlotter Russe
Belt - Hot Topic
Shoes - Bakers
Socks - ???


  1. Heeeee gander is one of my personal faves.

    Ogle is another one!

  2. Sounds like fun. Is that where you were going when you wanted me to text you and I forgot? :/